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Maintaining and Replacing Your Subaru Car Battery

One of the best ways to become familiar with the performance and capabilities of your Subaru is by completing routine maintenance tasks on it. Often overlooked until it fails, your battery is integral to the functioning of your engine, and it's imperative that you keep it in top condition so you're never left stranded in the Clarkston, WA area.

What Causes Batteries to Lose Their Charge?

Temperature extremes can adversely affect your battery. The hotter the temperatures during the summer, the faster the heat can sap the life of your battery, as well as evaporating the water that makes up part of the electrolyte solution that powers your battery. Running your air conditioner also takes its toll on the energy output. You can extend your battery's lifespan by keeping the fluid at the desired height.

When winter temperatures plummet in Pullman, WA, the electrolyte-rich fluid in your battery struggles to hold a charge, especially if the water in the sulfuric acid solution evaporated during the summer. Compounding the problem, cold motor oil and a cold engine need to draw more power simply to start and run. At 32 degrees Fahrenheit, your battery will lose over a third of its capacity. On an already struggling battery, this burden can cause it to die.

You can add water to your battery to replace any lost during evaporation. Batteries will last from three to even five years with proper care. If you notice your battery's response becoming sluggish and your headlights dimming, horn weakening, or a smell of sulfur, these are signs it will soon need replacing. If you're fairly handy, this is a task you can perform yourself. You can also bring your car to your Subaru dealership in the Moscow, ID area to have them replace the battery with a new one.

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