In addition to our increased cleaning and sanitizing taking place in our dealerships, we have a new option that will allow us to help service your vehicle.

In order to help promote safe social distancing practices, Rogers Subaru is happy to offer a "Hands Free-Service Hand Off" for any scheduled service appointment

To take advantage of this service, schedule a service appointment online or call 888-473-5740 to schedule an appointment with one of our service coordinators.  An appointment is necessary for this service. Next simply print this form and fill out the information below including a brief description of what services you are requesting.

  • When you arrive at the dealership for your scheduled appointment time, imply pull into the spot clearly marked "Hands Free Service Drop Off", and call the number listed on the sign.  Inform a staff member that you have arrived for your appointment.  Leave the key in the unlocked car with this form on the dash and that's it!  We will take it from there.
  • If you need a loaner vehicle please have your driver's license number and expiration, as well as insurance carrier policy number and expiration handy.  We will prepare your loaner form, and have the vehicle conveniently marked for you to hop in and go!
  • We will check your vehicle in and do a thorough walk around to ensure your car returns to you in the same condition we received it.
  • We will either call text or email you as needed to keep you informed of your vehicle and we will not do any work unless you authorize it
  • When the service is complete, we will call you to review how it went, take payment over the phone and schedule a time for you to pick up your vehicle.
  • We will park your vehicle in front at your scheduled pick up time with all of your paperwork inside, as well as sanitize all of the touch points.
  • When you arrive at the dealership for pick up, your car will be clearly marked for you to see it.  Just hop in and you can be on your way.

*Please call 888-473-5740 when you arrive**