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Rogers Motors Xtreme Subaru Customization

At Rogers Subaru, we want to help you drive the vehicle of your dreams. Nothing should get in the way of the ideal picture of how your vehicle should look and perform. That's why we offer our Rogers Motors Xtreme (RMX) customization center. Our team offers a variety of customization services for all Subaru vehicles. From tinting your windows to adding a layer of paint protection, we're here to help you customize your vehicle to look exactly the way you want it to.

A Few Popular RMX Customizations

Custom Paint and Sealant

Do you want your Subaru vehicle to stand out? We offer custom painting on all Subaru models to help your vehicle look the way you want it to. Here in Lewiston, we know what the weather brings. Whether it's snow and ice, rain or pollen, we offer paint sealants to allow your vehicle to remain looking new and sparkling through whatever mother nature has to throw at it.

Custom Decals

Does your Subaru WRX or Outback need some extra flair? We have door decals that can help your Subaru vehicle stand out in a crowd.

Window Tints

Whether you want to keep the bright sun out of your eyes while you drive or you want your vehicle to look more aggressive and sporty, we offer window tints to fit your vision.

Custom Wheels and Tires

Are your stock rims and tires not cutting it? We offer a variety of wheels and tires to help your vehicle look the part. Whether you want new tires that perform optimally on the road or you want all-terrain tires to allow you to take your adventures anywhere off-road, we can help you find everything you're looking for

Ready to Get Started?

Whatever you have in mind for your vehicle to fit your vision, we're here to help at Rogers Motors Xtreme.

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