If you have any plans to take your Subaru on a summer road trip near Pullman, WA, it is a great idea to get service for it at the Rogers Subaru Service Center first. Maintenance is a great way to ensure your vehicle is ready for adventure, whether you are planning to take it down the highway or up a hillside trail. Here are some summer services worth scheduling for your vehicle.

Summer Service Ideas

Before heading out from Moscow, WA, on your summertime road trip, you might want to consider getting these services at Rogers Subaru:

  • Tire Service: It is important to make sure your tires are in good condition before heading out on the road. At Rogers Subaru, you can get your tires inspected, and replaced with brand-new tires if necessary.
  • Brake Service: Having brakes in good operating condition is important to your safety. Our expert technicians can make sure your brakes are working properly.
  • Battery service: You don't want to be ready to head out on your road trip only for your battery to fail. Be sure to get your battery checked at our Service Center, and replaced if necessary.
  • Change your engine oil: Have you changed your engine oil regularly based on your service interval? If you have not, then be sure to get it changed before hitting the road.
  • Air conditioning service: You never want to be out on the highway on a hot day only for the air conditioning to stop working. To ensure your car stays cool, let our technicians check your A/C.
  • Top off fluids: To ensure your summer drive is as optimal as possible, it's a good idea to top off important fluids like coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield fluid.

Schedule Service at Rogers Subaru Today

At the Rogers Subaru Service Center, you can get outstanding summer service for your vehicle. We employ expert, Subaru-certified technicians who know how to keep your vehicle in outstanding operating condition. So why wait any longer? Schedule service today!

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