When you visit Rogers Subaru to get a new vehicle to drive in Pullman, WA, it is an exciting time. Once you have picked out a vehicle, taken it on a test drive, and decided that it is the right model for you, only one choice remains: should you lease or finance? Here is how those options compare, so you can make an informed decision.

What is Leasing?

When you lease a new Subaru, you don't take ownership of it. Instead, you make a monthly payment to Rogers Subaru to be able to drive the vehicle around Moscow, ID. At the end of the leasing period of 36 months, you have three options: return your leased vehicle, trade it in for a new vehicle to lease, or buy it and take ownership of it.

What is Financing?

When you finance a vehicle, you take out an auto loan to pay for it immediately. You can take the vehicle home to Clarkston, WA, and drive it all you want. You have to pay back the loan over time with interest added. Once the loan is fully paid off, the vehicle belongs to you.

Reasons to Leasing or Finance

Advantages of leasing include:

  • If you trade in your vehicle at the end of every lease, you will always be driving a new or like-new car
  • You don't have to make a long-term financial commitment
  • You can get a lower monthly payment than when you finance
  • You can always enjoy the latest advancements and features

Advantages of financing include:

  • Once your loan is paid off, you have equity in your vehicle that you can use to trade in if you want to upgrade your vehicle in the future
  • Unlike with leasing, there are no mileage restrictions
  • If your vehicle ever suffers minor damage, there are no damage fees
  • You can make customizations to your vehicle

Lease or Finance a New Subaru Today

If you are not yet sure if leasing or financing your next vehicle from Rogers Subaru is the right option for you, then let the finance experts at our Finance Center help you. Once you have contacted us and made your choice, be sure to fill out our Finance Application form and get started on paying for your new vehicle!

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