If you're currently shopping for a used car and are worried about inheriting someone else's problems, you're not alone. Used car buyers throughout Lewiston, Idaho are subject to considerable risks. CARFAX has made it infinitely easier to mitigate these risks by providing detailed reports of the maintenance, claims events, and ownership of previously owned automobiles. CARFAX also makes it possible to identify models with only one owner. At Rogers Subaru, we have a fantastic selection of CARFAX One-Owner cars, trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. When you purchase one of these vehicles from us, you'll enjoy an outstanding range of benefits.

The Benefits Start with Being Able to Make an Informed Purchasing Decision

A CARFAX One-Owner car comes with far less risk than any other used auto type. You'll get a free vehicle history report that will inform your purchase. This report will tell you whether the used vehicle you're considering has:

  • Been in any auto accidents
  • Has sustained damage due to floods, fire, theft, or other non-accident events
  • Received manufactured-recommended maintenance at the appropriate intervals
  • Open recalls

CARFAX vehicle history reports also tell you about title histories, vehicle registration histories, and odometer readings on recorded service dates. Autos with just one owner are considered "set apart." This is because they generally entail far less risk than vehicles with multiple owners, they tend to have more comprehensive maintenance records, and they often provide the greatest value overall.

You Don't Have to Deal with the Hassles of Purchasing from Private Sellers Near Lewiston, Idaho

Working with private sellers from Pullman, Washington to Moscow, Idaho when you want to buy a used auto comes with additional risks compared to buying used autos from licensed dealers. Vehicle history reports provide accurate odometer readings at each service date, but some private sellers use unethical tactics to alter or conceal this information. There's also the question of how paperwork will be handled, how the money will change hands, and whether or not private sellers are willing to make important value-relevant disclosures.

One Owner Vehicles from CARFAX Are Actually Worth More Than Comparable Models

When you use online vehicle valuation tools, these platforms do not account for ownership history. However, when ownership history is factored in, One-Owner vehicles from CARFAX have more value than comparable or even identical models with multiple owners. CARFAX One-Owner cars are usually late-model vehicles with an impressive array of options, accessories, and cutting-edge features. They're the perfect choice for drivers near Clarkston, Washington who want autos that drive and look like new but who don't want to spend beyond their means. When shopping for CARFAX One-Owner cars, you'll often find models with modern and highly in-demand additions like:

  • Hands-free liftgates
  • Panoramic moonroofs
  • Heated steering wheels
  • Heated and ventilated seats
  • Wireless device charging
  • Easy smartphone integration
  • Multi-zone climate control
  • State-of-the-art safety technologies

Many one-owner cars are formerly leased vehicles. This means that they're relatively new models, they've received excellent, timely maintenance, and they're unlikely to develop any major repair issues within the next several years. Many one-owner vehicles are also just five to six years old or newer.

CARFAX One-Owner Vehicles Offer a Virtually Risk-Free Way to Shop for a Used Car Around Lewistown, Idaho

Shopping for any used car always comes with a few benefits. This is an excellent way to sidestep the losses of depreciation. In fact, a used auto will allow you to make early depreciation work for you. You typically have lower auto registration fees and insurance costs, and you can avoid paying for dealer extras that you don't want. However, when you choose a CARFAX One-Owner model at Rogers Subaru, you can also rest assured that you're getting amazing, long-lasting value. Drop by today to check out our current inventory of CARFAX One-Owner cars, trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. Contact us to learn more.