Plenty of factors come into place when you are deciding on a vehicle to purchase. Do you want to pay extra to receive that feature or splash your money elsewhere on a different function? Many folks around Lewiston, ID, love an SUV with all-wheel-drive. Many of these folks have to pay a premium to have this feature installed in his or her vehicle. You won't be one of these people if you elect to drive the Subaru Outback. All-wheel-drive comes standard in the Outback, something you can get excited about.

The Benefits of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

Let's start with traction during acceleration. There is no question you will receive better acceleration and traction with an all-wheel-drive vehicle as opposed to a rear or front-wheel drive vehicle. The traction needs will be distributed among the four tires.

Inclement weather can be unnerving in Lewiston, ID or anywhere as you drive in it. Wet, slick or slippery surfaces may present a challenge for a vehicle with two-wheel-drive to gather enough acceleration to move forward instead of the tires spinning in place due to a lack of traction.

Impressive Performance and Capability Everywhere You Go

It can sometimes be challenging to get the proper traction while you are exploring off-road in dirt or mud. All-wheel-drive will significantly improve the traction as you navigate these places off the map. Those of us at Rogers Subaru know how scary it can be to be stuck because you aren't able to get over a slippery hill or exit an icy parking lot.

All-wheel-drive provides something every driver should have while navigating the roadways and places off the road: a psychological advantage. Peace of mind while driving gives you a feeling of ease. Life is stressful enough without having to worry about whether or not your vehicle will be able to have enough traction to accelerate freely. Inclimate weather or muddy terrain should not prevent you from exploring.

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The Outback has plenty to offer. Stop by the showroom in Lewiston, ID to see what the Outback can do for you. Exploration awaits. We look forward to working with you soon!

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